Annual Events

Spring Plant Sale

Each spring, the GBGC holds a plant sale on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. The sale is located on the corner of 12th and Newton Streets NE in the parking lot of the Long and Foster Real Estate office. Garden club members donate plants from their gardens and houses and place them in pots ready for sale. Some of these plants are propagated from seed for this sale and other plants are divisions of perennials from a resident’s garden. This event is an outreach effort by the GBGC to encourage and celebrate gardens in Brookland.

Brookland House and Garden Tour

Scheduled for early June is the annual Brookland House & Garden Tour.

Community Outings

The Club occasionally organizes gardening-related outings, such as summer picnics at the National Arboretum. We organized a treasure hunt for the children along with
other kids' games.

Holiday Decorations

Members gather greens from the neighborhood to create holiday decorations which are delivered to many Brookland businesses on 12th Street. View photos from this year's activity.

Holiday Party

Each year the GBGC celebrates the holidays with a formal gala featuring live music and spectacular decorations.

Ongoing Events

Garden Parties

Garden Parties are the heart and soul of the GBGC. Every other month on a Sunday, we gather at the home of a garden club member in Brookland for talk of gardens along with light refreshments.

Community Gardens

The GBGC has planted several public gardens in Brookland and maintains them until they are taken over by new landowners. At this time the Garden club cares for two public gardens. One, located at 12 th and Michigan NE, is called the Gateway Garden and contains the Welcome to Brookland sign. The other is the YES! Garden at 12th and Quincy. Volunteer gardening days, every other month, are devoted to planting, trimming and weeding these gardens as well as to tree pruning(see below).

In 2011 we joined Casey Trees in a tree planting at Turkey Thicket. We have committed to watering and weeding a grove of 18 trees for two years.

Neighborhood Pruning

When we see the need, we apply our expert pruning skills and tools to the street trees of Brookland, especially young trees with low limbs in the way of pedestrians or parked cars.